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Just A Drop in the Ocean (A Review)

From Grant Leishman comes A Drop in the Ocean, a charming tale of romance, deceit, and accountability for one's actions. Set between the Philippines and New Zealand, we follow the journeys of Teresa and Nick, two long lost pen-pals.

Having lost the contact they craved as adolescents, both try to move on and find romance, but neither finds what they need in their partners. There is a recurring theme of emotional manipulation that sees both Teresa and Nick desperately cling to unhealthy relationships. This story warns potential readers of the signs of emotional manipulation, both in men and women.

At first, I disliked Teresa as she allowed herself to be used not only as a sexual object but as a fall-guy for people in political power. I suppose that I also felt a similar way about Nick's character when he first marries. He allows his hopes and aspirations to disappear, clinging to the company of his new wife, no matter how dire his financial situation gets.

I enjoyed the author'…

Chameleon, by Zoe Kalo (Review)

A Young Adult / Paranormal tale that visits the theme of human psychology.

After being kicked out of her last high school, Paloma finds herself stuck in a convent/boarding school where nuns teach more than just biology and languages. Cruelty runs amock, but not

everything (or indeed everyone) is as it seems.

I found this to be a chilling read full of unique mysteries that spiraled together, forming a complete picture at the very end. It's hard to tell who can be trusted in this YA Paranormal journey. Can Paloma trust her own mind when things start to look bleak? I wasn't sure of the answer at first.

True deception is an art form, as I soon found out through reading Chameleon. As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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Recommended for lovers of the paranormal and abnormal psychology.

Rated 5 stars.