The Angel Alejando, by Allistair Cross (A Review)

The Angel Alejandro was an intriguing and somewhat surprising read. When Madison O'Riley is saved by a young man with silvery eyes, life in her little village begins to change.

Sin features as a key theme as the villagers are tempted into committing dark deeds. Lust and greed fuel the second half of the novel, making for a more steamy story.

The writer paints vivid pictures through his use of language and brings each scene to life in gorgeous detail. I would note for sensitive readers that there is a TRIGGER in this book, in the form of a SELF-HARM scene in the second half. There is also content that could be seen as EROTICA.

I would recommend this novel for lovers of modern paranormal fiction. Demons and Angels await you in this quirky read. I rated this book 5 stars as I would happily read it over and over.

-Daccari Buchelli.
Fantasy Novelist.

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