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On Writing, by Stephen King:

A Book for Readers, Writers & Fans


A little over a week ago, I began to read Stephen King's On Writing, a memoir on the craft of writing. I would like to stress how important this book was to me not just as a writer, but as a reader and avid fan of King's works.

Yesterday, I finished the book and could not find a single fault. This non-fiction title, not only talks about how King hones his craft but takes you through the crucial life experiences and challenges that arose within his life as a writer.

King's greatest piece of advice?

'Omit needless words.'

Many writers have heard the word redundant, but it's one that still feels new to me. King encourages all would be or establishing writers to cut such redundant words, not just to boost the pace of your story, but to clean up your fiction in general.

The famous phrase Kill your darlings is used multiples times in this book. King speaks about scenes which, though we may be fond of, might not engage or instead confuse your readers.

Besides starting out as an author, I remain an avid reader and find King's advice to be sound.
Now when I'm reading, I can pinpoint why I don't like certain books and endeavor to improve my own fictional works.

Another tip from the great King is to leave adverbs at the door (words commonly ending in ly.)

For example, She spoke noisily.

We could alter this sentence into, She yelled.

Although I've noticed that world renowned author J. K. Rowling uses adverbs all through the Harry Potter series, for some reason it works for her.

Still, everywhere you look, the word is that adverbs will do you no good. I once read a book that made me feel like I was one, or several of the characters, yet every other sentence had She turned her head slightly, she smiled slightly, slightly touching him as she tilted slightly.

Need I go on?

Stephen King's On Writing is worth the read and as I said before, would make a great gift for writers, readers, and fans of his work.

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