A Review of God's Rogue, by Kevin. S. Chambers (Featured on Net Galley)

For fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy, may I introduce God's Rogue, by Kevin. S. Chambers.
Here, we follow the second person perspective of Kayden; a human man with God-like powers.

The story houses key themes of mortality and mythology as demi-god beings called the Annunaki wage war on the human populace. Ancient beings from Greek Mythology known as Titans are also included in this thrilling tale. While they only play a part toward the end of the story, I can see there being a sequel where they will play a more dominant role in the storyline.

With enemies lurking throughout the galaxy, you would expect some humor to lighten the mood and the readers shall not be disappointed here. Chambers shows a flair for sarcastic humor that helps to hint at the deeper emotions of his characters.

The dialogue between characters flowed well and gave me a good sense of the characters personalities and shift in emotions. Conversations between the characters sparked questions in my mind from the start, such as 'Who is Kayden in regards to his importance to humanity?' and 'What dark secrets are hidden in his past?'

Overall, this was an intriguing novel with many mysterious characters that I would love to learn more about. I rated this story as 3/5 stars.

The reason for my rating:

While this was a great read, the book could use a line edit to clear up sentences which feel like they are merged. Usually, this wouldn't be an issue, but they cropped up quite a bit, which took me out of the story when I was being drawn in.

Also, there is a phrase used by Chambers, which author Terry Goodkind is famous for using in his Sword of Truth Series. This felt uncomfortable to read in another author's work as it is a phrase that deeply affected the way I see the world when I read Goodkind's books.

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