A work of fiction is in many ways like a well cared for machine.

 If you keep it well oiled and maintain its many components, then you're likely to come out with something grand. When I write, I see through many sets of eyes; the Author, my different characters, and of course, as a Storyteller.

Why an Author AND a Storyteller?

A Storyteller is exactly as it sounds; Someone who regales us with tales of young and old, who makes our bodies quake with passion, fear, among many other strong emotions.
As an Author, I not only tell a story, but I criticize my work in every possible way. Perhaps this is because I'm a perfectionist. I ask myself if my ideas are possible if I can truly imagine a certain set of events happening.

It is a grueling task to write a full-length Novel, but don't ever be put off. The rewarding feeling you get from finishing a book is payment enough.

Remember to keep your imagination alive and kicking, for there is no greater gift. Read plenty of your favourite genre and continue to grow and inspire others.

-Daccari Buchelli. :)

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