Fantasy Review: Fire's Love, by Alex. E. Carey

Fire's Love by Alex E. Carey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Set in the USA, this enchanting Fantasy by Alex. E. Carey had its hooks in me from the start. Kira Phoenix is a self-proclaimed 'weird' sixteen year old; beautiful, intelligent, and undeniably feisty. It's no wonder she attracts trouble.

Fire's LoveThis moving piece follows Kira's journey after she is granted an early acceptance into college. Her new friends Lowell and Pyre are mysterious at first, but soon begin to pull on Kira's heartstrings. We see many friendships formed within this story and not all of them positive, but don't worry, I won't spoil it for you.

The Author's writing style flows well and has an elegance to it that captivates the mind. The plot was well constructed, with various characters that I came to both love and hate. I love that you get a real sense of Kira's emotions as she battles multiple secrets that are thrown her way.

Envy, love, and change are just a few of the dangers that circle this unusual teen. Fire's Love was a novel that I couldn't put down until I had finished and is just one book out of what promises to be an incredible series.

But, the question remains; do demons exist?

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