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How Reviewing Books Can Improve Your Writing

Greetings again from the mind of an Indie Author.

Over the past six months, I have begun to take on people's review requests and believe me, since listing myself on a few directories, there've been a few. I'm currently working my way through my reviewing list and I realized that I haven't blogged about one of the most useful things that I've learned so far.

How Reviewing Books Can Improve Your Writing

They say practice makes perfect. Maybe it does. However, I find that reviewing the works of others, particularly those in my specialist genre, has helped me to not only understand the intricacies of book writing but to improve my work in significant ways.

1) Learning to understand the differences in Style:

I've learned how to identify the differences between my personal writing style and that of the Author whose work is on the screen before me.

Identifying these differences, be they in the flow of the writing, character description or scene setting, plays a key part…

Fantasy Review: Fire's Love, by Alex. E. Carey

Fire's Love by Alex E. Carey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Set in the USA, this enchanting Fantasy by Alex. E. Carey had its hooks in me from the start. Kira Phoenix is a self-proclaimed 'weird' sixteen year old; beautiful, intelligent, and undeniably feisty. It's no wonder she attracts trouble.

This moving piece follows Kira's journey after she is granted an early acceptance into college. Her new friends Lowell and Pyre are mysterious at first, but soon begin to pull on Kira's heartstrings. We see many friendships formed within this story and not all of them positive, but don't worry, I won't spoil it for you.

The Author's writing style flows well and has an elegance to it that captivates the mind. The plot was well constructed, with various characters that I came to both love and hate. I love that you get a real sense of Kira's emotions as she battles multiple secrets that are thrown her way.

Envy, love, and change are just a few of the dangers that …


A work of fiction is in many ways like a well cared for machine.

If you keep it well oiled and maintain its many components, then you're likely to come out with something grand. When I write, I see through many sets of eyes; the Author, my different characters, and of course, as a Storyteller.

Why an Author AND a Storyteller?

A Storyteller is exactly as it sounds; Someone who regales us with tales of young and old, who makes our bodies quake with passion, fear, among many other strong emotions. As an Author, I not only tell a story, but I criticize my work in every possible way. Perhaps this is because I'm a perfectionist. I ask myself if my ideas are possible if I can truly imagine a certain set of events happening.

It is a grueling task to write a full-length Novel, but don't ever be put off. The rewarding feeling you get from finishing a book is payment enough.

Remember to keep your imagination alive and kicking, for there is no greater gift. Read plenty of your favourite gen…

Writing with Aspergers Syndrome: Part 2

Sensory Processing Disorder

One of the most common traits of Autistic individuals is some degree of Sensory Processing Disorder; when the seven main senses (sight, smell, touch, sound, taste, balance, and movement co-ordination) are either jumbled up and/or extremely over or under-sensitive.
It is most common for the five crucial senses to be over-sensitive, resulting in mild to severe distress when exposed to certain stimuli over an extended period. For me, one of the hardest senses to deal with as I grew up was touch. Light touch in particular is something that I have never liked. There's just something about the way that other people's skin brushes along mine that makes the skin want to crawl away from my body.
Light has never been good to me either. From a young age, I showed a particular sensitivity to florescent bulbs and have always struggled to concentrate beneath their false rays of sunlight.
 With SPD, things can become overwhelming rather quickly. What may seem lik…

What Self Publishing Blogs Aren't Telling You

Social Media Marketing is Dead!

Well, it is to a large degree. I've subscribed to so many blogs over the past year where every bit of advice is exactly the same. Use social media and their ads in this way to generate more sales and traffic for your website. Want to know something? Under most circumstances, this doesn't work.

Social Media sites are meant for just that, being sociable. Sure, they would help to grow interest in you as a person and as an author, if you try to get to know your target audience, but sharing posts and placing ads doesn't appear to be that effective. In my experience, those that do click or boost links and posts are fake accounts that have no data- I'm especially referring to Facebook here.

What will help?

Learn about the entire Publishing Process. There are places with as much information as you can imagine. The internet is a vast sea of knowledge and when you're more familiar with the process yourself, your efforts will be well worth the t…

Top 9 Book Hooks

What Hooks Me When I Read A Book?

I suppose all writers must have asked themselves this same question at some point in their literary careers. What truly hooks me when I decide to read a book?
There are countless areas I could discuss with you.

For now, I'll leave you with what I believe
are the Top Nine Book Hooks:

XLLM           1) Unusual characters: Have you ever been reading a book and instantly connected with one of the characters? I have. Unusual and yet relatable characters are the driving force of most books. If you can relate to the main character, then you will no doubt find yourself instantly hooked. I personally love to discover new characters, with their own unique personality traits, strengths, as well as flaws. For me, the more abnormal the character and the role they play in society, the more intrigued I become.

2) The unexpected: I really enjoy plots that involve a lot of surprising twists. The more intricate and well-crafted plots grab me from the very start. I love to f…