All Writers have Setbacks

Setbacks. We all have them. All Writers.

As a creative type, we experience problems with our work on a frequent basis, whether it be simply Writers Block, or something more significant. Our chosen field can be tricky to navigate, regardless of how 'easy' people make out writing to be.

Trust me, it is far from 'easy.'

I myself experience various problems when it comes to writing, such as:

  • Writers Block
  • Insomnia
  • Occasional boredom
  • Loss of interest in an idea
  • Failing to get on with a certain character/genre, etc.
For some, these are simply traits that tag along with being an artist. For others, they may be a sign that you need to re-evaluate your current project. That's exactly what I did.

The other week I was working on my thriller novel when I realized something. I was incredibly bored with it. Yes, I was only in the re-drafting process, but even so, I just couldn't force myself to write anymore. I didn't feel connected enough to my main character and another project was calling to me.

This is where I had my first real set back in my writing career. I will never forget it. Many people will say that even if something is challenging, that you should not give up. In reality (and please take this on board), if you aren't happy with your current project and even though it may be insanely difficult to tear yourself away, you need to focus on something that fills you with joy. Find a project that actually inspires you and that guides you when you write it.

One of the worst things you can ever do is force yourself to write in a style or genre that you are not used to. I had just finished my Fantasy novel 'Sweet Surrender,' when I decided I wanted to write something even darker than my usual style. While the ideas I formed were good and my writing sound, I just couldn't get into the thriller/horror genre when it came to writing. Yes, I could read this genre all day in and all night too, but something about it just doesn't inspire me to write as much as Fantasy does.

As a writer, I feel that it is important to discuss any shortcomings or 'pitfalls' that you may have. I think it helps to show budding writers that it is perfectly natural. After all, I am sure that even Stephen King set work aside at some point and thought 'Hmm, maybe not.'
I don't often see writers admitting any weakness, but I would like to. I believe that admitting we aren't perfect when it comes to our craft is just one more step closer to connecting with your audience.
Admit when you struggle, for everyone does. Writers are never excluded from this.

The point is that even with such setbacks, it is NOT the end of the world. It may feel like it at the moment, but there's just another project around the corner for you, and that one will likely fill you with much more inspiration and joy.

-Daccari Buchelli.

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