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Phoenix 2.0: The Official First Chapter (Excerpt)

Chapter One

YEAR C-N-4 Month 1/10

'Welcome Reiza.'
The young girl shook before Emperor Jugan. Her white hair and fair eyes lent her a rather innocent appearance. In truth, her beauty was nothing to be fooled by. She was a Frost Seer. Her heart was as dark as the Devil itself and the Emperor knew it. The oppressive walls of the Frost Estate's throne room gave Jugan great comfort. For others, they brought a sense of unease. His throne cradled his well-built frame; a white gold masterpiece that glistened like starlight.
'Tell me, Reiza, are you certain about these visions?'
Jugan's face drew down at the corners. He studied the child, wondering how one so young could wield such power. She was still but a novice. Nowadays, even that marked her as a precious commodity. Most ancient seers were long dead, leaving the few that were born to fend for themselves.
'I am sure, your Grace. Your eldest son is destined to marry the enemy. If that happens, there is no doubt …
Official Trailer for PHOENIX 2.0
A Magical Realism (Fantasy) novel for those aged 14+

Coming Soon, PHOENIX 2.0 is the second edition of the YA Fantasy novel, Phoenix, by Author Daccari Buchelli. If you'd like to find out more, simply   head to

Included below is a short synopsis of Phoenix:

Peradon. A world comprised of four seasonal realms, each with a unique form  of elemental magic. When young Reiza has a disturbing vision, the Ruler of the  Winter Realm demands the death of a child; the Flame Realm Princess, Violetta. 

Violetta had always found comfort in the form of magic, but a sudden tragedy compels her to view her gift as a curse. She is destined to one day rule the Flame Realm and desires little but to live her own life, free from the demands of others. A courtship with her sworn enemy could be just what she needs to find herself.

With preparations under way for a wedding, the couple is oblivious to the dark forces  which lie in wait, preparing to fulfill Re…

All Writers have Setbacks

Setbacks. We all have them. All Writers.

As a creative type, we experience problems with our work on a frequent basis, whether it be simply Writers Block, or something more significant. Our chosen field can be tricky to navigate, regardless of how 'easy' people make out writing to be.

Trust me, it is far from 'easy.'

I myself experience various problems when it comes to writing, such as:

Writers BlockInsomniaOccasional boredomLoss of interest in an ideaFailing to get on with a certain character/genre, etc.
For some, these are simply traits that tag along with being an artist. For others, they may be a sign that you need to re-evaluate your current project. That's exactly what I did.

The other week I was working on my thriller novel when I realized something. I was incredibly bored with it. Yes, I was only in the re-drafting process, but even so, I just couldn't force myself to write anymore. I didn't feel connected enough to my main character and another pr…

Welcome to Buchelli Books' New Blog

Welcome to our new Writers Blog.

Here, Fantasy Author Daccari Buchelli will post Reviews of books, recommendations, writing tips, book excerpts, and updates  regarding his upcoming works.

It is great to meet each and every one of you and we hope you'll  join us on this book blogging adventure.